Flag Resources

Vexillogical Books

  • DK Handbooks: Flags, DK Publishing, 1999
  • Alfred Znamierowski: The World Encyclopedia of Flags Lorenz Books, 1999
  • Whitney Smith: Flags Through the Ages and Across the World McGraw Hill, 1975
  • Whitney Smith: Flag Lore The Millbrook Press, 2001

Flag Organizations or Associations

  • The Flag Institute 44 Middleton Road Acomb York YO24 3AS United Kingdom
  • The Flag Research Center (FRC) c/o Whitney Smith P.O. Box 580 Winchester, MA 01890-0880 USA
  • The North American Vexillological Association NAVA, c/o 1977 N. Olden Ave., Ext. PMB 225 Trenton, NJ 0861802193 USA

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