About Flag Sheets

Six Sided Simulations is the manufacturer and distributor of 8.5 by 11 inch sheets of adhesive miniature flags for all scales, from 5mm up to 30mm. Optionally, custom sheets may be ordered for scales larger than 30 mm, such as 54mm, 80mm or 120mm scale models. Our current selection includes 5-6mm, 10mm (good for 8-12mm miniatures); 15mm, 18-20mm, 25mm, and 28-30mm. Each page has as many flags as will fit on a 8*10 inch sheet of paper, from 24 flags at 30mm to 864 flags at 5/6mm.

For example, in 28-30mm for the Hundred Years War, we offer 8 different unique flag design sheets; War of the Roses: 4 sheets; Thirty Years War: 8 sheets; English Civil War: 4 sheets; Great Northern War: 4 sheets. For the War of “Someone’s” succession, whether Spain, Poland or Austria, we offer 4 sheets. For the Napoleonic Wars: 32 different sheets, and for the American Civil War: 16 sheets.

We also offer the Mexican American War, the Crimean War, Ancient Medieval Banners, Japanese Samurai, Crusader Banners and the Battle of Tannenburg and Naval Jacks and Ensigns, just to name a few. We are added new sheets all the time! Our current projects are medieval Chinese flags and small scale naval flags to be used with 1:600 or 1:1200 Naval Miniatures.

The tools required are simple:

  • Sharp Knife
  • Straight Edge
  • Cutting Pad
  • Spray Varnish or Sealant


  1. Spray Flag Sheet with desired protection (Matte or Gloss Varnish)
  2. Gently score flags, but not through to the backing paper. Flags will now lift off the adhesive backed paper backing.
  3. Apply adhesive paper to flagpole, unit bases, miniature bottoms, storage trays, organization charts, etc.
  4. Optional: Use aluminum foil or toothpaste tubes to give flags thickness, and give effect of blowing in the wind.